The Weber name is well-known around the grilling world for making quality grills that match up with anyone that enjoys outdoor cooking. The Weber Genesis S-330 continues the Weber tradition in a top-of-the-line gas grill that offers the latest in technology and features, including the trademark Flavorizer bars.

Flavorizer Bars
These angled bars direct juices away from the burners to prevent flare-ups that could burn your meal.

Weber Genesis Burners

Individually controlled burners run from front to back to allow more space for indirect cooking. You can see the sear station controls here.

Weber Flavorizer Bars

The Weber Genesis S-330 Flavorizer bars cover the burners so that drippings to not flare up and impact food taste, and avoids clogs.

Similar to other grills in the Genesis family, the Weber Genesis S-330 includes a front mounted control panel and individual electronic ignition system for each of the three stainless steel burners. In comparison, the S-330 and the S-310 have many features in common. Both models offer the following similarities:

  • Weber Genesis S-3307mm diameter stainless steel rod cooking grates
  • 38,000 BTU-per-hour input.
  • Primary cooking area of 507 square inches
  • Warming rack area of 130 square inches
  • 637 square inches of total cooking area

The cooking area on the stainless steel S-330 and the S-310 models are large enough to entertain the family or friends with your finest grilling creations. The wide and deep drip trays are accessible from the front of the grill for easy clean up.

There are only a few differences in these two grill models. The S-330 adds the following features:

  • 12,000 BTU side burner
  • 10,000 BTU sear station
  • Six tool hooks
  • Owner’s manual and recipes
  • Limited warranty

The Sear Station
The searing station is an essential additional feature for cooking excellent steaks. It helps to heat the grill faster (500o in five minutes). Also, great for cooking bacon, or other accompaniments to your meal. The two stainless steel work stations give a lot of area for food preparation, and the warming rack is a nice size to be sure that all of your meal is hot and ready at the same time.

Weber Genesis S-330 Sear Station

The high-powered 10,000 BTU sear station is designed to give on-demand high heat for searing

The Weber Genesis S-330 grill is available for use with liquid propane or natural gas for a few dollars more. Propane tank is not included, however, the grill comes with a 10-foot flexible hose for natural gas. The largest in the Genesis family of grills, the S-330 is engineered with the latest technology and design features in the grilling market. Weber makes a Genesis island that is compatible for cabinet space that is sold separately. Weber grills are built to last a long time, so the company also recommends a grill cover to keep yours looking new for many years.

Five-Star Reviews for the Genesis S-330

Plenty of Grilling SpaceThe S-330 Genesis grills gets positive reviews in many areas. Grill construction is some of the best available for the price. Step-by-step instructions are simple and easy to follow, and once assembled adds a nice look. This model comes with a user’s guide and cookbook. The recommendations in the book really work to prepare a complete meal; tasty, full of flavor and cooked to perfection.

Using the recommended indirect method for cooking chicken, or grilling burgers with perfect grill marks, the S-330 can do it all. You may notice that the Weber brands cost a little more, however, you really do get what you pay for. Reviews show buyers to be very happy that they purchased this model.

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